Keeping Your Servers Cool, Day and Night

Server Rooms

Inside data centers, keeping computer and electrical equipment cool is essential for efficient operation and to prevent overheating.

Data Centers

In a typical data center, heat loads include servers, ups systems, power distribution units, static and automatic transfer switches, switchgear and other electrical equipment that produces heat during normal operation.

Portable Air Conditioners

Although some data centers use large air handlers to remove the heat, CRAC units are more commonly used.

Keep Computers Cool

We have trained and certified technicians to install and repair your rooms, keeping them cool and avoiding damange to your servers and data.

We're' good enough for the President, we're good enough for you!

Citywide even services the former President!!!
Citywide recently received a service call to the home of the former President of the United States of America here in Chicago.

We were called in to do a repair to the computer room’s A/C system at the Chicago’s south-side Hyde Park neighborhood home. We wanted to share this service call with our customers because we want our customers to know if we can pass the secret service screening to work at the President’s house then we know that it shows we are trusted, reliable and the top Chicago experts in HVAC!

We Keep

Your Computers Cool!