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Many times Chicago condo owners in the South Loop will Google the terms “South Loop Furnace Repair Near Me” or  “HVAC Service in South Loop Near Me” because it seems the best way to get the fastest response time.

We have provided HVAC these tips on how to not only get the fastest service in Chicago whether your in the South Loop or in Portage Park but get the most affordable rates as well as the best service and here’s how.

Follow These Steps For Fast Chicago HVAC Repair Service 

  1. Use a HVAC company that can give you an exact time when the tech can arrive at your home. Many companies will give you a window. Ask for an exact time. Citywide Supply & Service Provides exact appointment times
  2. Choose a heating service company that has well stocked trucks. When you call Citywide Supply and Service the technician that shows up to diagnose your heating/ac system has over 1000 parts on his Sprinter van ready to make the repair onsite. No more waiting days to order a part to make repairs only to be offered the “New Furnace” sale pitch. Don’t stand for this. HVAC companies should come with fully stocked trucks!!!
  3. In today’s market customers should not over pay for PARTS! Thats why Citywide Supply and Service has opened Chicago’s only HVAC (Heating  Ventilation Air Conditioning) parts store that is Open To the Public 24/7-365. That’s right!! We are the only HVAC service company in Chicago that also stocks and sells parts directly to homeowners. We stock over 100,000 parts at our warehouse facility at 6101 w Montrose Ave where our customers can walk in and buy parts direct.

     By having our own HVAC parts store this allows 2 things…

  1. Our customers save money by buying direct
  2. Ensures that our customers NEVER need to wait for heating and air conditioning parts again!
  •      So no matter where you live in Chicago… from the South Loop to Lincoln Park or Wick Park … know that the way to save time and money is to call Citywide Supply and Service where you will not over pay for parts and you will not wait an excessive amount of time for parts.
  • We provide service repairs for Gas Leak Repair as well as all your heating HVAC, furnace and boiler service repair needs. We truly are Chicago’s South Loop’s…One Stop Shop!!! 
Citywide HVAC Technicians are Certified, Organized, Reliable, and Easy to Deal With! Our Guarantee!

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