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Citywide Helps Create Optimal Cooling Conditions for the Operation of Electrical Components.

Sources of Damaging Heat
  • AC power supplies
  • Controllers, drives and servos
  • Transformers and rectifiers
  • Processors and server racks
  • Radio equipment
Outside Sources of Damaging Heat
  • Solar heat gain
  • High ambient temperature
  • Welding processes
  • Paint oven
  • Blast furnace
  • Foundry equipment
Consequences of Heat
  • De-rated drive performance
  • Catastrophic component failure
  • Warranty revocation
  • Component replacement costs
  • Lost revenue & customer dissatisfaction
  • Service outages
  • Hours of factory downtime
Advantage of Integrated Cooling Solutions

Keeping your electronics cool is essential to maximizing the life cycles of your electronic devices, reducing capital expenses, and keeping your business running. Heat can have a significant impact on electronics, reducing performance, causing damage, and affecting manufacturer warranties.

Citywide Can Assist in Avoiding Heat Damage & Reduction of Life in Your Electronics

Our technicians will perform a thermal audit of your application to assess your cooling needs, reveal cooling deficiencies that can damage electronics, and offer tailored solutions to your cooling challenges.

With expanding deployment of smaller, more powerful, and more portable mission-critical electronics into increasingly harsh environments and conditions, cooling and thermal management is now a primary engineering consideration. The density of modern electronics in smaller cabinets intensifies heat issues that can compromise component performance.

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