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Citywide Heating and Cooling, 6101 W. Montrose Ave Chicago, IL 60634

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Citywide Supply & Service has been in the commercial refrigeration repair, service and installation business since 1966.


We service walk in coolers, walk in freezers, freeze tunnels, open case display coolers, rack systems, prep tables, ice machines (flakers and cubers), double door coolers, double door freezers, single door coolers, single door freezers, reach ins, bar coolers, keg coolers, laboratory environmental chambers, cascade systems, low boy coolers, line coolers and custom made coolers and freezers.

Ask about our custom cooler or freezer custom fabrication build out quote at no cost! Free Estimates! New coolers and freezers built to spec. Floor systems rebuilt to spec/code.


If your cooler or freezer is not operating properly please check the follow before calling for assistance or service

The circuit breaker is not in the tripped position and is in the on position. This may seem unlikely but we see it many time.      Please check this first.

Be sure that the thermostat is set for the temperature range that you desire. Many times personnel may inadvertently change the thermostat in the wrong direction thereby making it warmer rather than colder.

Be sure that there is no ice formation or build up on the evaporator or coil. If there is ice on the coil you can turn the system off until the ice has melted. This will act as a temporary solution until a technician can identify what is causing the ice build-up and rectify the problem IE... faulty fan motor, low refrigerant gas charge, dirty coil are just a few of the problems that can cause ice build-up on coils.

Be sure the on/off switch is in the on position and the evaporator fans are running. Many times this switch gets accidentally gets turned off while reaching in the box for product.

These are just a few of the things to look for before calling Citywide Supply & Service

Commercial Refrigeration Provided to Restaurants, Supermarkets, and All Types of Businesses

In addition to a full 2 year warranty on all our repairs we also take the extra steps on all our service calls to insure that the coils are inspected and cleaned, oil levels are checked and added to compressors, Loose belts, loose wires, amp draw reading are taken on fan motors, and visual preliminary inspection is done for refrigerant leaks. All at no additional cost!
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