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Citywide Can Fix Your Natural Gas Leaks Same Day Pricing Starts at $250 – $500

If You Smell Gas

  • Natural gas has a distinctive odor. Can be described as a sulfur smell
  • Be Warned: You may not be able to smell the gas odor for several reasons

Don’t Always Trust Your Nose

Even though gas smell is easy to recognize you may not smell leaking gas if:
  1. Your sense of smell is impaired
  2. Long exposure to gas can create an immunity to the smell
  3. A common cold, sinus condition or allergies will impair your smell to natural gas
  4. Other odors can make the smell of natural gas

If the odor is extremely strong, leave the building at once. Call Peoples Gas (866-556-6002) or Nicor (888-642-6748) from a neighbor’s phone.

Gas Leaks Found and Repaired Same Day

We also offer our services to local businesses that need our help. Our team will carefully examine your gas line before starting any repair work in order to determine the source of the problem. Citywide Supply & Service will cut and thread your pipe onsite, using updated innovative instruments for detecting gas leaks. We are premier contractors for Nicor & People’s Gas and implement the latest in Gas leak detection and Repairs.

  1. We implement the latest instrument technology to locate leaks FAST
  2. We work directly with Nicor & People’s Gas
  3. Our technicians used methods approved by gas company
  4. Fast Affordable and Efficiently find your gas leaks
  5. Over 50 years experience finding difficult to located leaks
  6. Fully Licensed and Insured

Technicians are Trained and Certified to Handle all of your Gas Leak Issues

Choose Citywide for your Gas Leak Repair in Chicago. We have technicians in Chicago who are ready to serve you. 24/7 Emergency Services Available.

Chose a gas leak specialist that….

  1. Has over 50 years experience finding gas leaks in homes and businesses.
  2. Commercial and residential experience
  3. technology to find leaks buried in the walls
  4. Work directly with Nicor and Peoples Gas
  5. Low pricing starting at $250 – $500

24/7 Gas Leak Repairs

Same Day Repairs

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